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It is true that education not only prepares us for life, but also shapes our thought line to a large extent. A school is a sacred place where a child is developed physically,mentally, psychologically & spiritually. So only bookish knowledge is of no avail to society. This is the only reason that the SKD Academy does not aim at adding to knowledge a fishing information of a variety of subjects, but imparts a profound knowledge encompassing into its province, all that is worthy of an ideal Citizen and produce a sober, serious and sublime society graced an embellished with compassion, ethics morality and farsightedness.
Start learning from our experts

Start learning from our experts

Enhance your skills with us now

Enhance your skills with us now


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Why Choose Us

Skilled Lecturers

We follows the process of explaining that has important characteristics such as clarity, organising, emphasis, orientation, examples and feedback in a clear

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Activity Based Teaching

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Techniques that move away from the “traditional chalk and talk”

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Secured Campus

SKD Academy is a fully secured campus. We follow & obey the safety norms by having ample of CCTV cameras & our well trained Security Guards. With us

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Management Speaks


“To educate and inculcate the finer
values of life”


“To be in the service of education” To prepare dynamic and caring citizens of tomorrow


“Be your own light” The student at SKD academy are encouraged to explore, reach out and seek answer for themselves

SKD Academy Moblie App

On account of an ever-growing movement and busy schedule of the parents – majority of those who are global professionals, their interaction with the school remains somewhat limited and confined. The important updates sent by the school go unheeded, although unintentionally but this affects the relationship of parents and schools in the long run. Due to time crunch, the extra effort to log on to the website of the school and check the update on the portal often becomes demanding and taxing. On the contrary, it is more practical and viable for the parents to keep checking apps on their mobile phones.You can download the app by clicking on the button below.

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